Safety First & Always
We pride ourselves on the caliber of the models we represent here at The Adonis agency. The safety, health and well being of our models and their clients is our number one priority. Please do not ask for behavior that would put that in jeopardy. We do not offer any unhealthy or unsafe services. Kindly look elsewhere if that is what you are looking for. ​

Screening Our New Friends
For everyone's safety, we carefully screen our new friends. A contact phone number is also very important. You can count on our discretion. ​

Book In Advance
Our models have lives and careers just like you do. Many of our models travel for the pleasure of your company. They want to look their best for you, so it takes time for them to prepare for a date and arrive ready to exceed your expectations. Plan ahead and give our models as much notice as possible, it is in your best interest to do so. ​

Confirm Your Date
Please, be sure you have confirmed your date with our agency at least two hours in advance. Your time, and the time of our models are important. Should an emergency ever arise that requires you canceling your date, please kindly provide as much notice as possible. ​

Never Mention The Donation
Please never mention the donation to our models. When booking your date, you will let us know how long you would like to meet. Our dates are a minimum of one hour, but our models never watch the clock. Should you wish more time, that is easy to arrange, given sufficient notice. Please, bring the donation placed in an unsealed envelope. Please do not mention or acknowledge the donation. Your date will handle it appropriately.
VERY IMPORTANT: Mentioning the donation or specific details of the date is unnecessary and will cause a premature departure of your visit.

Good Grooming
Our models spend a considerable time getting ready for each date. They are always freshly showered, well groomed and have proper hygiene . We ask that you kindly do the same. ​

Dress For Success
Please, understand that our models will always dress appropriately in public. If you have a wardrobe request that can not be accommodated in public, just let us know. Our models will do their very best to accommodate you.

Special Requests
If you are looking for an encounter that encompasses certain fantasies or fetishes, please inquire politely and we will do our very best to match you with the perfect model . We must stress that a discussion of specific aspects of the date is never allowed. Apart from anything unsafe, our dates are all inclusive, thus eliminating the need to wonder about specifics. ​

Contact Information
Our models frequently mention how much they enjoy their dates. Even though they love the pleasure of your company, it is against agency policy for them to exchange contact information with you. If you would like to see your date again, simply contact the agency and we will make all the arrangements. It is only natural for our friends to be concerned that their model arrives home safely. To put your mind at ease, please know that we keep track of our model before, during and after their dates.